Analgesic/Anti-inflamatory action of pansit-pansitan

Pansit-pansitan has been traditionally used to treat fever, cough, common cold, headache and arthritis. In a study of aerial parts of peperomia extract in mice indicated that it excibited anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. The anti-inflammatory activity was attributed to interference with prostaglandin synthesis. In another study done on rabbits, pansit-pansitan extract exhibited an anti-pyretic activity which indicated that it is comparable to standard aspirin.

Antioxidant activity of pansit-pansitan
In a study done on P.Pellucida exract, it has shown that is has string scavenging activity against free radicals suggesting that pansit pansitan is a good natural anti-oxidant

Uric Acid reduction in blood
in a controlled study involving rats, extracts from P. pellucida were administered and uric acid levels were monitored. The study have shown that rats that were subjected to pansit pansitan extract indicated a 44% reduction in uric acid in blood while those that are not given allpurinol drug have shown 66% reduction in uric acid level. This results that pansit pansitan may contain compounds that maybe used as alternative to allopurinol to control uric acid levels in the blood.

Depressant activity of pansit-pansitan
In a study done in bangladesh, mice were given nikethamide to induce excitement. The mice were later administered with extracts from pepperomia pellucida to determine its depressant activity. The results of the study sugges that pansit-pansitan extract has a dose dependent depressant activity that is beneficial for treatment of excessive mental excitement disorder.


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