Regular feedback from our customers tell us how Matstone contributed in attaining optimal health. These personal stories and testimonies help us better understand the effectivity and efficiency of our product. We are proud to share with you these inspiring stories.


“I was diagnosed as diabetic 5 years ago, after giving birth to my second son and ever since that time, it totally changed the way I lived. I turned my illness around to work to my advantage. I started engaging in regular exercise, proper diet and a healthy disposition. As a diabetic, I am advised to eat more veggies, preferably raw because the nutrients are more intact. IT was not very easy because consuming a minimum of 6-9 servings offruits and vegetables daily can be tasking both to my digestion and preparation.Then a friend introduced me to green juicing. I consulted my doctor and she told me that as long as I juice more greens than fruits it can be very helpful. So I started looking around for the best quality juicer and I stumbled upon Matstone Multi-purpose Slow Juicer. It is amazing! Matstone Multi-purpose Slow Juicer has the full capacity to juice all types of vegetables & fruits especially hard, green leafy vegetables, much needed by a diabetic like me. .I just love the way it helped me a lot! I also use it to prepare other diabetic friendly foods, like the wonder salad made from ampalaya, pineapple & radish. For me, it’s really the best deal for a slow juicer. So whether you are diabetic or someone who just wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle & prevent life threatening diseases like diabetes, I highly recommend using Matstone Multi-purpose Slow Juicer.

Lumen Tamayo
A type 2 diabetic
A satisfied Matstone Multi-purpose Slow Juicer owner


“I choose the best quality and that is Matstone Juicer J. I’m juicing everyday and I love Green Juice!. I like to mix with leafy vegetables like Malunggay, wheatgrass, box choy, romiane, pandan leaves, lemngrass, cilantro and many more. It masticate well, a cold press and low speed juicer! So true… A delicious and refreshing drink. I love my Matstone Multipurpose Horizontal Slow Juicer. The best!!! It’s been a year since I bought and used my Matstone. Happy “one year’ anniversary!!!

Sally Ngo


Being a runner, endurance and yung lakas ng pangangatawanan ang pinakaimportante samin. I tried juicing to rehydrate my body and syempre para masuportahan ang nutritional needs ng body ko. I am using Matstone Multipurpose Horizontal Slow Juicer since January. Sulit na sulit po ang Matstone Multipurpose Horizontal Slow Juicer, kc talagang na eextract nya yung fruits and veggies, at hindi umiinit yung machine kaya live yung enzymes. After ng practice o ng takbo ko bumibili na agad ako ng ijujuice ko. My favorite juice combination is carrot apple or carrot pineapple. Very refreshing and very nutritious, ito rin ang madalas inumin ng aking long time girlfriend. I am Noel Diaz 38 yrs old and I’m a proud owner of Matstone

Noel D. Diaz


My food is my medicine…

In year 2007,

I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer Stage III and my doctor wants me to undergo an operation to remove the tumor in my colon. I was so afraid that time so I sought advice from my friends and searched for an alternative way to heal myself. My friend advised me to try drinking fresh green juice and referred me a brand of slow juicer, Matstone.

But when my body felt that I really needed to go for an operation, I had no choice but to do it. After my operation i still continued juicing. I juiced once a day. My favorite green juice recipe is celery, cucumber and ampalaya.

After 3 months, a miracle came, I was pregnant but the sad part here is, my doctor wants to remove my baby because it was just 3 months after my operation and it will not be good for my health and the baby, because I still have some cancer cells in my system. But as a mother I felt bad and knew it was not the right thing to do. Despite the medical reasons my doctor advised me I insisted that I wanted continue my pregnancy. I signed a waiver and told my doctor “ako na bahala sa health ko”. During the period of my pregnancy, I increased the intake of my green juices for me and for my baby. After 9 months I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who is now 6 years old.

Juicing with my Matstone really helped me a lot during my illness and during my pregnancy.

It has been my health partner over the years. Now my cancer cells are stable and in normal levels, no tumor found in my colon.

I am Gelene Legaspi, 37 years, now with 3 healthy babies and I would like to say thank you sa napili kong brand nang juicer –MATSTONE. After 7 years of continuous healthy juicing everyday, di nya ako iniwan. It still works just like the first day I brought it home.

Gelene Legaspi

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